Course Details

Manual Lymph Drainage Level 1 ( MLD I )

The intensive 54 hrs training course is conducted over five consecutive days and incorporates specific theory of Lymph system and detailled practice time. The course covers following aspects:


  • Anatomy/physiology of lymph system
  • Code of Ethics
  • Application techniques
  • Indications/contraindications
  • Demonstration and practice of full body MLD
  • Various treatment routines
  • Guidelines for therapists and patients
  • Client management and support

The expected learning outcomes are: Demonstrate understanding of the principles of MLD method, Ability to deliver a practical demonstration of a MLD full body treatment for the intact lymph system.

MLD & Decongestive Therapy Level 2 ( MLD II )

6 Days

The advanced training – Level II consists of additional 54 hrs training, specializing in study and practice of MLD and De-congestive treatment as a remedial treatment program. The course covers following aspects:


  • MLD practice, stroke techniques
  • Compression therapy, bandaging, products -theory & practice
  • Lymphoedema – physiology and stages of oedema, pathologies
  • Lymph taping, lymphatic aqua therapy, research
  • Remedial exercise instructions and client management
  • Lifestyle program for lymphœdema conditions
  • Treatment routines for lymphœdema conditions
  • Specific oedemas, head/neck L’oedema abdominal L’oedema, lipoedema, phleboedema
  • Case studies and practical analysis
  • Post operative/trauma/sports injury treatment

The expected learning outcomes are: Ability to assess a lymphœdema condition and demonstrate treatment with ancillary techniques. To demonstrate overall knowledge of pathologies with lymph oedemas To plan and undertake a treatment routine and discuss client management and maintenance support.

Refresher Program for MLD

5 Hours

Refresher programs are offered throughout the year to enable practitioners who have previously completed MLD I or MLD/CPT and who want to consolidate their skills. The supervised class will enable you to revise techniques, answer questions and will give you a chance to meet and practice with other “Lymphies”. A refresher is also recommended prior to undertaking MLD/CPT if some time has elapsed since completing MLD I.

Hot Stones for Massage and Remedial therapy

2 Days

Hot Stone Therapy is a thermotherapy massage using hot basalt stones incorporated with traditional massage techniques to bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. A new tool as a therapy on its own or in conjunction with deep tissue treatments, this course teaches you the theory and plenty of practical work with a full set of basalt stones. The course covers following aspects:


  • indications and contraindications
  • treatment plan and timing of Hot Stone therapy
  • hygiene
  • placing stones and massaging with hot stones
  • equipment and product information
  • selected strokes and individual deep tissue techniques with using hot/cold stones. Training outcome:
  • Ability to demonstrate safe and professional application of stones
  • Setting up with client, planning and conducting a specific treatment routine.


Stretching and Soft tissue Mobilisation for practitioners

1 Day

Stretching is a natural habit of the human race, whether for comfort,re-alignment or an “itch’ to move and feel more flexible. This one day practical workshop is for therapists and students who wish to expand and compliment their massage and bodywork treatment.


  • Active and passive stretching
  • PNF stretches
  • Remedial stretching (on and off treatment table)
  • Partner stretches
  • Practitioner injury prevention program
  • “Health maintenance“ program for clients
  • Myo fascial release techniques
  • Stretches using block, Fit ball, Over ball and Thera band

The expected learning outcomes are : To demonstrate comprehension of the theory of stretching. To be able to tailor a mixed program of stretches for clients with specific conditions. To demonstrate stretches for injury preservation as a practitioner. To be able to demonstrate safe use of equipment and how to instruct a client.

Footreflexzone therapy (FRT)

3 Days

The 25-hour training can extend your professional profile far more than using foot massage. FRT is a science and healing technique, based on ancient Chinese and Egyptian health philosophies. By manually working on various parts of the foot the therapist can stimulate muscles, organs, glands and nerves via ‘reflex’ points. The effects of FRT are manifold, including relief of pain, balance of metabolic and organic function, an increased sense of wellbeing and tension release. The course content covers:


  • Anatomy and structure of feet
  • Mapping of foot reflex zones
  • Demonstration and practice of treatment sequence
  • Foot exercises
  • Indications/contraindications/ case studies
  • Guidelines for therapists

The learning outcome covers the understanding of the principle, theory and practice of FRT and the ability to perform a complete FRT treatment sequence. It also provides knowledge and the ability to work collateral with other massage modalities