Pond Massage Water Wellness offers treatments based on four specialized areas - Integrative, Massage, Water and Wellness Packages.

At POND Massage we use a special vivified pure water hydrotherapy/spa technology imported from Europe.

The softened water and a selection of pure salts and herbal ingredients and extracts make this medicinal Spa a unique treatment and restoring compromised health.

Massage Treatments

Remedial Massage

For muscular treatment, soft tissue injuries, acute and chronic conditions. The remedial session includes proper assessment of condition and recommendations for exercises and health maintenance.

Duration: 45|60|90 Minutes

Footreflexzone Therapy

Feel grounded and firm on your feet again with this mobilisation of feet and ankles. FR feels like a full body treatment due to the connection between feet and organs, glands, nerves, bones and muscles. The treatment is a wonderful 'relaxer' and introduction to body work.

Duration: 60 Minutes 

Manual Lymph Drainage & De-congestive Physical Therapy (MLD)

An effective and soothing treatment to assist the immune system, also helps with fluid retention and congestion. MLD can be used immediately after sports injuries and post surgery. In conjunction with de-congestive therapy it is an effective treatment and management for all stages of lymphoedema.

Duration: 45|60|90 Minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment is applied by placing heated basalt stones over the body and applying massage therapy, using hot stones and oils. It is an intensive full body experience.

Duration: 60|90 Minutes 

Swedish Therapeutic Massage

Revitalising treatment for body & mind. Helps to unwind, improves flexibility and lifts awareness. It is available as a full body massage or as a deep tissue concentration on a part of the body.

Duration: 30|60|90 Minutes

Sports Therapy

A useful session for pre-event sport and recovery. It includes physical assessment, soft tissue massage and mobilisation, stretching and management.

Duration: 60|90 Minutes 

Exfoliating Salt Scrub & Essential Oil Massage

Tibetan salts and herbal extracts are used to exfoliate the body, followed by a full body massage. Very invigorating.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Ear Candle Therapy

Ear candeling is a natural thermotherapy for the head and ears. It helps people with wax built up in the ear canal, general congestion of ears and sinus system. The treatment can be very beneficial when recovering from sinus or dental trauma.

Duration: 60-70 Minutes 

Rehabilitation Therapy

Allow us to help you recover and gain confidence and flexibility after: orthopaedic surgery, lumpectomy/mastectomy and other postoperative conditions, soft tissue injury e.g. strained ankle from a bicycle accident, loss or lack of balance, improving general fitness, chronic conditions i.e. arthritis, lymphoedema or poor posture.
 Our spacious studio is equipped with fitballs, theraband, mats, mirrors to watch posture and form and other exercise tools. We adopt the Sarah Key physio stretch program, other remedial and Yoga postures and we can assist clients with their at-home exercise program.
 Astrid Diecks runs small remedial based Stretch Balance classes on Monday evenings (after COVID lockdown lifts). Please email info@pond.com.au if you are interested in joining.

Duration: 30|45|60 Minutes

Pond Massage treatment fees vary according to duration and expertise of therapist.

30 Minutes

$70.00 – $80.00

45 Minutes

$110.00 – $130.00

60 Minutes

$130.00 – $155.00

90 Minutes

$190.00 – $ 215.00

120 Minutes

$225.00 – $255.00

Water + Spa

Body Scrub & Spa

A combination of a body-exfoliating scrub with salts, oils and herbs then soaking in the oxygenated spa and body moisturising to complete the treatment.

 60 Minutes | $140.00

Medicinal Spa Bath

This calm water treatment can benefit you solely as the body absorbs the prescribed minerals, salts, herbs or extract oils through the skin. The session is completed with a foot massage or facial treatment to leave you centred and fresh.

45 Minutes | $95.00

Please note: All water/ spa treatments include a resting period which is an important component for the beneficial outcome and to regain balance and feel safe to drive away.


The Hay Fever Package

Very beneficial for the relief of hay fever symptoms and allergies. An effective treatment for the suffering of facial and bonchial congestion, headaches and exhaustion. The treatment starts with ear candling, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage and a reflex zone treatment of the feet. Herbal tea and plenty of water is offered after a short rest.

120 Minutes | $280.00

Detoxifying & Shine

This treatment helps to cleanse skin, body and helps to restore normal body immune function. Starting with an exfoliating salt and herb scrub massage to wake up skin, then a relaxing mineral spa bath and a full body Manual Lymph Drainage massage.

120 Minutes | $280.00

The Short Spa Encounter

Your original spa experience? Ideal for a treat or to reward your tired body. It includes a spa session with salts or extracts and after a short rest allow your body to surrender with a deep tissue massage and Reflex-zone treatment on the feet.

90 Minutes | $220.00 

POND Water + Spa packages can vary in duration, spa ingredients and other components like body scrubs. Professional fees range from $220 – $280


Cranio Sacral Therapy

A Gentle wholistic, non-intrusive session to help the body and mind 'unwind'. The therapist applies specific holds and slow movements on the clients body. This allows the body to relax, moving both the mind and body into a comfort zone and helping the person to find better movement, breathing, awareness and reduction of pain.

Duration: 60|90 Minutes

MATRIX Rhythm therapy

Developed in Germany by Dr. Randoll, the treatment is a new and effective approach to treat people suffering acute and chronic discomfort. Matric Rhythm Therapy can assist with lymphoedema conditions, scars and neuropathies as well as improve general flexibility and ease of body. Treating someone with Matrix therapy restores and re-introduces better cellular circulation and regeneration which results in improved oxygenation and nutrient supply to the cells = healing.

Duration: 60|90 Minutes

Decongestive Manual Lymph Therapy

De-Congestive MLD is a specialised individual treatment for Lymphoedema and other clinical oedema conditions. The appointment consists of manual touch, assessment of oedema, bandaging/compression therapy and/or maintenance exercises as well as ongoing client evaluation. We are highly trained therapists and can prescribe garments. We also work with palliative care oedema patients.

Duration: 45|60|90 Minutes